TESTIMONIALS - Psoriasis & Eczema
My name is Luanne and I attended your Psoriasis seminar on Feb 22nd at Lassens in Ventura.  I want
to thank you again.  I read Joseph’s book from front to back that night when I got home from the
seminar.  I started the program that weekend and I am so excited because my foot has improved
about 85% since my first flush! (I've done 3) It's absolutely unbelievable!  The best part is I can wear
any shoe now and my foot doesn't hurt to walk on, like before. The redness is almost all gone (it's
just a little bit pinker than the rest of my foot and it's stopped spreading and hardly is peeling at all. (I
am one happy camper!) All my family and friends can't believe it either. Of course they all thought this
was just another one of  my "miracle" cures that wouldn't work, but I knew there was something
different about you when I heard you speak at Lassens in Ventura, that made me know in my heart of
hearts, that you were telling the truth. You were so passionate about this! How can I ever thank you
enough? I continually ask God to bless you and Ashle for the wonderful work you are doing to help
other sufferers
...  Luanne P., Ventura, CA  Mar '07
I’m amazed at how quickly I saw the results of Joseph’s process.  For the first time I truly feel like
I’m on the way to completely clearing the psoriasis that has plagued me for over five years
- Brian R, San Diego  CA  May '08
Our 17 year-old son has been troubled by psoriasis and eczema since he was 10 years old.  Now that
he is a teenager the ugly blotches on his skin were having an impact on his emotional life.  We are so
grateful to you and your program because as his skin clears up we see his self esteem returning
”    -
Sandy T, Tampa FL  Jul '08
I suffered from embarrassing spots on my face and back for over a decade.  I truly was at the end of
my rope when a friend mentioned they saw your ad in a magazine.  To be honest, I’ve heard so many
people say they have the magic answer that I was skeptical, but I was so desperate I decided to give
it a chance.  When I did your process the first time I couldn’t believe my eyes and I finally felt like
there was hope for me.  The fact that you had been through what I was going through and
understood really helped me. My blotches are almost all gone and I’m ready to celebrate 2007
psoriasis free! I can’t thank you enough
.        – Keith G, Murrieta  CA  Nov '06
"My name is Kaela, my family came to the fair on Saturday (Arizona State Fair) and while my friend and
I were running around my parents bought me this (SkinFix) to help my eczema.  I was skeptical at
first.  The next day at noon I checked my skin.  The SkinFix liquid had cleared my skin 10x better than
the prescribed cream
." Kaela N, Phoenix, AZ Oct '08
"Hello.  I tried this (SkinFix) once topically on Monday and Tuesday and the results have already
showed!  I'm going to keep using it, I am so excited.  If you want to really be psoriasis free buy this
product!  Thanks"
   – Deborah M, Yakima, WA Oct '08
"My name is Rick.  I just want people to know that at the start of the New Mexico State Fair (Sept '08)
I had eczema on my hands (so bad that) the skin was falling off.  I was skeptical of Joseph's product,
but after two weeks of using it (SkinFix) my hands are completely Eczema free!! I am completely sold
on this product."  
Rick D, Albuquerque, NM  Sept '08
"Joseph & Ashli, how can I thank you?  My 14 month old daughter Lisa was born with eczema so bad
on her hands that it looked like her hands were claws.  She's never really been able to wiggle her
fingers.  I've been worried sick that we'll never find a way to get rid of this.  After just three days of
using SkinFix Lisa is now able to open her hands and wiggle her fingers for the first time.  I cried in
joy.  I know we have to keep using it until she's completely clear of toxins, but  I finally have hope.
You are both angels. "    – Mary T.  Albuquerque, NM Sept '08
"Thank you.  My name is Melissa.  I've been struggling with psoriasis for many years and FINALLY
found something that really works.  This product really made my life so much easier & happier.  I'm
forever grateful.  Thanks again!"
-  Melissa R Yakima, WA  Sept '08
"My name is Kayla.  I've been suffering with severe dry skin under my eyes for about 2 months now.  
With this product my skin cleared up in under 24 hours!  I strongly believe in this product and I'm
very thankful to have found it!!"    
– Kayla H.  Yakima, WA  Sept '08
"Joseph - you are a hero!  As I told you at the fair, being in high school and being covered in eczema
is no fun.  Plus, I itched so bad before I met you and I had not had a full night's sleep in over 6
months.  Not good for my grades.  After using SkinFix for four days I finally slept through the night.  
The itching is gone, the eczema is clearing up AND I'm able to stay awake in class! "
-  Billy K.  Billings, MT  Aug '08
"I can't believe the gift I received the day I met you at the Health Freedom Expo.  If you remember, it
was my 50th birthday and I told you how I've been covered in psoriasis and eczema since I was a
kid.  In fact, my mom used to cry at night when she put me to bed cuz she'd have to tie my hands to
the headboard and my feet to the footboard of my bed to keep me from scratching myself bloody in
my sleep.  I bought the home study course that day as my 50th birthday present to myself.  Next
week I celebrate my 51st birthday and I am 90% clear.  I know it may still take some time of following
your program, but it is like I have a new lease on life and more self-confidence than I've ever had.  
Thank you for sharing your discovery with me.     
– David J.  Chicago, IL  June '08