IMPORTANT - required by law

Important:  Please read

As we travel from state to state, fair to fair, trade show to trade show and communicate with clients from around
the globe, we are encouraged by the growing trend of individuals choosing to learn more and more about their
body's natural ability to heal.  There is an accelerating movement to understand the toxins in our environment,
the lack of real nutrition in our food, the poisons in the products we buy and the effect these have on our
health and the health of our children.  We celebrate this trend with you.

Unfortunately, as in may facets of life it seems that large corporations have more sway with politicians and
government than the truth of what is healthy or not.  More and more laws are being passed to make it difficult
for you the consumer to be educated about natural health opportunities and options.  Again, at the same time
there is a grass roots movement to use "green power" (consumer dollar power) to force corporations to own up
and stop trading our children's and our health for greater profits.  (Witness the effect consumer "green power"
had on forcing some companies to eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup and Trans Fats from their products,
although there still is a long way to go).

That brings us to the reason for this page.  

If you have read Kevin Trudeau's book "
Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" you are
familiar with some of the challenges that face those of us who are willing to risk sharing information regarding
alternative treatment options.  Therefore, although we have helped thousands of people we are required by
law to include the following disclaimer on all of our products and here on our website as well:

Anecdotal Evidence
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or
prevent any disease.  

Any testimonials included on this website are actual testimonials from satisfied customers.  However, by law we
are required to state that individual results may vary.  

We don't "CURE" anything
We cannot by law use the four letter word "cure" no matter how good our product. By law, only pharmaceutical
companies are allowed to use that word...and of course the definition of what "cure" means by the
pharmaceutical standards is quite interesting.  So, if you've stopped by our booth you'll notice we are very,
very careful not to use any words that by law are reserved for BIG PHARMA.

Additional Requirements
We are continually updating our information to comply with the new regulations.  Please check this page often
for new information.
Thank you for taking your healing into your own hands!