Help for children with skin conditions
Is SkinFix safe for children?

Absolutely!  Our youngest client was a two week old infant that the
Doctor gave cortisone (steroid) shots to.  The child’s mother stopped
this treatment and purchased our product at the Arizona State Fair,
drinking it herself, then nursing the baby as well as applying it
topically to the baby’s skin.  Within 3 days the Mom saw a difference
and within 5 weeks the baby was completely clear!  The other
heartwarming story is that of a woman we met at the New Mexico
State Fair.  At the time we met, her little girl was 14 months old.  The
child had been born with eczema so bad that her hands were clawed
and looked like she had been burned.  The Mom had given up all
hope.  She bought the product and 5 days later came back to the
booth and gave Joseph a huge hug with tears streaming down her
face.  She told us that for the first time since her child was born her
little girl was able to open her hands completely and wiggle her
fingers.  Two months later all signs of the eczema had disappeared
and it has not returned.  

How can newborns be toxic?

A National Institute of Health in 2005 of 500 newborns from across the
United States survey (different geographic locations, different
economic backgrounds) ound an average of 287 industrial chemicals
in the umbilical blood of infants, including pesticides, phthalates,
dioxins, flame retardants, Teflon and toxic metals like mercury.  

Click here to read testimonials from parents, grandparents and in
some cases the children themselves!

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