Product Guarantees/Return Policy
I don't sell a product
until I'm confident I
can back it with a 100%
guarantee.  That's why
I'm confident that if
you use
 or my
Home Study program
according to the
directions (and do the
protocols) you'll be
100% satisfied - or
your money back
- Joseph
SkinFix  & SuperShotz!- 30 day money back guarantee for each bottle.  Children under 10 do not need to
Home Study Program - This program has a full money-back guarantee for 365 days from your date of purchase. Just do
the process 12 times and have at least three phone or email consultations with Joseph (20 consultations included in the
package price) If you do not see results, send us back your manual and DVDs and your money will be returned in full.  
There are five main contributing factors to clients feeling they do not get the results they expect:
  1. They try to "save money" and purchase a product for a mild case when they have a medium or severe
    case.   By not using the appropriate product they end up wasting their time and money.   It is very
    important to use the product serving size appropriate for your condition.  You wouldn't use a cup of water
    to try to put out a house fire, would you?
  2. They don't use the product - it sits on the shelf.  Our product doesn't work by have to use
    it!  And most importantly you have to take it internally.
  3. They don't do the Biliary Flush - as we say to people....what would happen if you never cleaned the fuel
    filter in your car or the lint filter in your dryer?  You need to clean your body's filter...and that's where the
    flush comes in.
  4. They don't take up Joseph's offer of emailing him any questions or concerns.  Please understand that
    every body is unique...if you're getting results too fast or too slow, email Joseph so he can chat with you
    about your "unique" situation and provide you with additional insights.
  5. They don't take the product long enough.  Remember the goal is not to just treat the symptoms, but to
    clear the root cause.  

PSORIASIS/ECZEMA:  You must use both internally & topically as per directions. You’ll begin to see a difference
in about a week. How long it takes you to rid yourself completely depends on how severe your case, so be
prepared to use for several months (mild to medium cases) or longer (severe cases).  If after 30 days you’re not
satisfied that you’re making progress, (smaller patches, less itching, etc) and you have fulfilled the guarantee
requirements below, mail the bottle back for a full refund less postage and handling.

times per day.  You’ll begin to see a difference in 1 to 2 weeks. How long it takes depends on how severe your
case.  For fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic fatigue the average is 3 to 6 months, up to 12 months for severe
cases.  For Diabetes the goal is for you to regulate your blood sugar without medicines – this can take  2 to 3
months (borderline) up to 6 to 12 months (chronic).   If after 30 days you’re not satisfied that you’re making
progress (more energy, less pain for fibro/CF/Lupus/Heavy Metal…lower blood sugars for Diabetes) and you
have fulfilled the guarantee requirements below, mail the bottle  back for a full refund less postage and handling .

We also get asked - will it ever come back?  That truly depends on your environment and how toxic it is.  The
good news is, once you rid your body of the toxic buildup then your body is more easily able to process the
toxins on a daily basis.  However, if you should find your symptoms returning then we would recommend using
SkinFix  on a maintenance basis, perhaps quarterly with the changing of the seasons.  The fantastic thins is
once you know the root cause you can easily take your healing into your own hands and clear your condition.

As we are constantly travelling from one trade show/fair to another, the following process will ensure faster
processing of your refund:
1.        Make sure you have fulfilled the guarantee requirements above.
2.        Mail your shipment via US post with a delivery confirmation to:
      URTH PO Box 20284  Sedona, AZ  86341
Email us when you have shipped the bottle and include the delivery confirmation tracking number.
4.        We will refund your money within 30 days of receipt of return.
We stand behind your health!
First and foremost, if you are the kind of person who is looking for a quick fix
and just wants to pop a pill or get an injection then this program really is not
don't expect it to be gone overnight....we both know there is no such thing as
an overnight miracle!

So, ask yourself how long you'll give a product to determine if it is working if
the product is 100% guaranteed.  David, in Chicago, suffered with
psoriasis & eczema
head to toe for 46 years.  It took him 11months on the
32oz bottle of SuperShotz! (doing all the protocols) and he's been off
SuperShotz! and psoriasis free for 3 years now.  Randy, in Yakima, WA, was
on disability for 4 years from his took him 4 months on the
32oz bottle of SuperShotz! (again, doing all the protocols) to go from living on
the couch under a cloud of pain killers to getting his life back, getting off
disability, off his pain medication, off SuperShotz! and back to a vibrant life.  
Mrs. Rios in South Padre Island went from
diabetes so bad that she'd already
lost her eyesight (and was on insulin) with a blood sugar that stymied the
Doctors at over 500 to a blood sugar in the mid 90's after 4 months of using
the 32oz bottle of SuperShotz! (and yes, doing the protocols).

For some people 11 months (David) may seem like a long time....but for  David
the investment was worth it as he had already spent over 30 years on
"overnight miracles" that didn't work.  The same with Randy and Mrs. Rios.   
The question we'd like you to ask yourself is how long have you been trying
different products and are you ready to really take control of your health?  I
don’t want you to waste your time or mine unless you are absolutely certain
you are ready to take your health into your own hands and take charge of
your well-being.  If you ARE ready, our products are for you.  You will see an
improvement within one (skin issues) or two (diabetes, fibro, CF, etc)
weeks…and those results will encourage you to follow through on the program
until you are 100% convinced that you are indeed your own healer!
As we travel around the country meeting people at fairs and expos and wellness conferences, and as we
communicate with clients from around the globe, we are encouraged by the growing trend of individuals to learn
more and more about the natural ability of our bodies to heal themselves.  There is an accelerating process and
we celebrate this trend with you.

If you have read Kevin Trudeau's book "
Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" you are familiar
with some of the challenges that face those of us who are willing to risk sharing information regarding alternative
treatment options.  Did you know that by law, only a pharmaceutical drug can use the phrase "cure"?  
Regardless of how effective a dietary supplement or nutritional program is at "supporting" (the word we can use)
people dealing with issues, by law it cannot claim to "cure" anything.  Therefore, although we have helped our
products and here on our website.  We have also included the disclaimer regarding testimonials that the law
Anecdotal Evidence
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

The clients' stories shared above and the testimonials on our testimonial pages
are reprints of anecdotal information given to us by clients who have used our
products.  Individual results may vary.  
shared with you.  Therefore, our guarantee is contingent on you following our three step protocol which means
you must:
a) use the formula that is appropriate for your condition (mild/medium/severe) and use it daily as directed
c) do the Biliary Flush at least 3 times (click here to see why the FLUSH is important)
d) increase your intake of vitamin D3 and do the calcium process we recommend

Have at least 2 email or phone consultations with Joseph (included in price) during the 30day period, as each
“body” is unique and Joseph can personalize the program for you if you need additional support.  

If after following the program outlined above you do not see signs that your condition is improving, send us back
your bottle (or manual & DVDs for Home Study Program) and your money will be returned in full.  Please follow
the return policy outlined below.