Joseph's Story
If you or someone you love has been told you have psoriasis or
eczema, you can relate to my story.  

In 1986, at the ripe old age of 27 I started having unbearable itching
on my right big toe.  This began a journey of suffering and doctor
visits that would last almost two decades.

For the next several years I went from one doctor to the other, each
giving me a different medical label (and stronger and stronger tubes
of steroid cream) for a skin condition that was now spreading from my
right big toe to my left foot, up my legs and beyond.  I'd put the
doctors' cream on one spot and the blotches would show up
somewhere else. Scales next began showing up on my arms and the
trunk of my body, until I was completely covered.  I was covered head
to toe with thick scales and a red rash and I had three fingernails
growing on top of each other.  It got so bad that I though I had Ebola.
Each time I heard of a new specialist or a new medical treatment my hope raised.  If you suffer from
psoriasis or eczema, you know what I mean.  You keep holding out hope that SOMETHING will fix whatever is
causing the condition.  Most doctors' responded to my agony with "you’ll have to live with this forever" and
by the way here's a prescription for (insert name of whatever drug your doctor is prescribing) that will cost
you $$$ per month... WITHOUT CURING my psoriasis (and hoping that I didn't die from taking these
prescriptions) and by doing who knows what damage to my internal organs?  (If you've never read the fine
print of the side effects of some of these drugs, click here
drugs.com and go look up all the side effects of
every prescription drug you're taking.  It is scary!)

My wakeup call came when a doctor asked me to sign three pages of waivers stating I would not sue him if I
came down with any of the potentially fatal side effects of the drug he wanted to give me.  And, oh by the
way, the medication was so toxic I had to agree to have a liver test every six weeks, because one of the side
effects of the medication was liver failure.  I looked him in the eye and asked him if he could guarantee me
that this mediation would get rid of my skin condition forever,  He said no...and added that I would have to
be on the medication for the rest of my life (increasing my chance of liver failure).  At that moment I
understood that I would not find my answer within the medical system and I walked out of the doctor's office
and never returned. That choice saved my life.

Now that I had walked away from prescription drugs (whether in pills or in shots) I figured I had nothing to
lose by educating myself about what was really going on in my body.  And then I could make some educated
decisions.  And so began my journey to healing.  I became determined to find a way to clear my body from
the imbalances that started out as dry itchy patches and soon led to triple-thick fingernails, cracked and
bleeding hands and feet so sore I could barely walk.   I used myself as a guinea pig with everything from
(prescribed) steroids to UV lamps Chinese herbs to God knows what...  If I thought I could survive the
treatment ( no matter how bizarre), I gave it a shot. It was a long journey of desperation and disappointment,
but I never gave up hope.  I knew that my body had the ability to "reboot" to its natural state of health if only
I could find the missing key.  

Throughout this time I went through a roller-coaster of emotions.  First the mild embarrassment, then the
attempts to dress in a way that hid the bloody dry patches, and then the desire to just seclude from society.  
At the most intense outbreak of my illness there were times I felt the only way out was suicide.  Luckily I'm
too much of a fighter to take that route (and for the sake of my family), but you know the depression that
can accompany severe psoriasis.  And if you have a mild case, you know it can damage your self esteem as

Finally, after years of research and self-testing and studying with scientists, I found the
"Secret."  A
"Secret" so simple I couldn't believe that no one had discovered it earlier - that the root cause of many
auto-immune ailments is your body's reaction to too many toxins in the body.  And this led me to do an
intensive program of detoxing and cleansing my body.  And with this key, I finally was able to clear my
psoriasis and eczema forever.  At first, the psoriasis on my hands completely disappeared... my nails began
to return to normal...I no longer endured pain from cracked feet, and my skin was returning to normal.   I was
ecstatic!  And the healing continued as I continued with the protocol until my entire body was cleared.

Now, twenty plus years later some in the medical community are finally admitting that there is a link between
toxins in the body and auto-immune conditions.  Dr. Douglas Kerr, MD, Professor at Johns Hopkins School
of Medicine said in the 2009 forward to the book "The AutoImmune Epidemic" by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
there is no doubt that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and our increasing environmental exposure to
toxins and chemicals is fueling the risk.  The research is sound.  The conclusions unassailable."

So in the late 90's I began working with protocols to help individuals clear the toxins out of their bodies.  At
first the protocol was a weekend workshop in which I taught individuals how to detox their bodies through
cleansing.  People had amazing results and the testimonials came pouring in.  But I realized that not
everyone was willing or able to spend so much time doing detoxes and cleanses and so my investigation
continued.  And I also became aware that more and more children were being born with eczema or
developing eczema - and the infants and toddlers weren't able to do cleansing.

Always keen to help more and more sufferers, I spent years in study, spoke to one specialist after another
and worked with orthomolecular biologists.  A series of introductions and detective work led to the
formulation that we now sell as
SuperShotz, SkinFix and StopItch.  These products are made from
wildcrafted botanicals, are all natural and safe for infants (our youngest client was two weeks old) and the
elderly (our "most experienced" a beautiful 90 year young woman).  Take a look at the
ingredients page to
understand more about what our formula does.

I'd love to support you with taking your healing into your own hands and helping your body to return to its
natural state of healing intelligence.  

Best regards,
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years old with severe cases), use SuperShotz
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I don't know how much money I spent, going from one  doctor’s office to the next, taking expensive toxic pills,
smearing creams, and suffering injections.  As I owned a carpet cleaning business at the time, the worse my
condition became, the more it affected not only me, but my entire family (and my livelihood).  It wasn't until I
visited the top dermatologist in Nevada (where I lived at the time) that I was diagnosed with the worst case of
psoriasis he had ever seen.

Ouch!  Well, at least I now had a "label" for this curse!  .And yet the "treatment" was always the same - here's
another tube of steroid cream.