Help for those with severe Psoriasis or Eczema - or both!
SuperShotz! 32oz for Severe Cases
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First and foremost, I want you to know that I understand all the years
of embarrassment, humiliation, loss of self-esteem and anger at the
medical community.  If you've visited other pages in this website you
may have read of my journey of head-to-toe psoriasis and eczema.  I
suffered for decades while going from one medical doctor to the next
until I finally realized they couldn't cure me because they were
treating the symptoms and ignoring the root cause of the problem.  
And so I chose to opt out of the medical merry-go-round and be my
own best healer and awaken my body's own natural healing
intelligence.  And it worked!
(If you haven't read my story, you can do so by
clicking here.)  And I'm not talking about standing under a full moon
hopping on one leg, although I would have tried that I was so
desperate to get healthy!

So I get it.  I do.  I understand the drawer filled with half-empty tubes
and bottles of lotions, tars, creams and who knows what else.  I'm on
your side and I want you to be successful.  But I gotta be honest with
you, if you are the kind of person who is looking for a quick fix and
just wants to pop a pill or get an injection and magically see your skin
clear up "overnight" then I suggest you keep going to your medical
practitioner and get the shots and deal with the side effects (just
please go to for an eye-opening look at all the "side
effects" of these wonderful pharmaceutical concoctions)   
I don't sell a product until I'm
confident I can back it with a 100%
money-back guarantee.  That's why
I'm confident that if you use the
products or follow the Home Study
according to the directions you'll be
100% satisfied - or your money back!
I don’t want you to waste your time or mine unless you are absolutely certain you are ready to take your
health into your own hands and take charge of your healing.  If you ARE ready, then this program
is for
you.  You will see results within the first week to ten days…and that will encourage you to follow through on
the program until you are 100% convinced that you are indeed psoriasis & eczema free!
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For those with severe cases, we'd like you to watch this video
testimonial of a father thanking us for helping his twenty two year
old son who had suffered with full body psoriasis from the time he
was two years old.  This young man took
SuperShotz! every day
for an entire year, and supported it with the protocols we provided.  
It took him an entire year, but he is now psoriasis free and has
remained that way for over a year (meaning, he stopped taking
SuperShotz! a year ago and he is still psoriasis free!)