WHAT is SkinFix/SuperShotz!
It is an all natural product that is a proprietary blend of Humic and Fulvic plant extracts and biotite in a distilled
SuperShotz is for adults.

It was developed by Joseph Tajalle, who suffered for over 15 years with one of the worst cases of both
Psoriasis and Eczema the doctors had ever seen.  Not only did he have the plaque, scabs and cracking and
bleeding of psoriasis, he also had the unbearable rash and itching of the eczema.  
Read more about Joseph's
story here.

After years and years of suffering and the frustration of going from one Doctor’s office to the next, Joseph had
enough of hearing “there’s no cure for this” and set out to use himself as a test case to determine what
actually was causing his ailment.  As none of the medical professionals he had been treated by had ever
suffered from the condition, he felt it was too easy for them to say he’d have to live with it or prescribe toxic
medications that he would have to take for the rest of his life.  For over 10 years he was the lab rat – trying
everything he could get his hands on…emu oil, shea butter, aloe vera, UV therapy, black tar, Chinese herbs,
acupuncture, foot baths, over 400 types of cleanses and even urine therapy.  Most didn’t provide any relief,
some provided temporary relief, but his Psoriasis and Eczema always came back with a vengeance.  He
studied Edgar Cayce, Hulda Clark, Kevin Trudeau and many other renowned natural health care advocates
and fit the pieces of the puzzle together.   Joseph worked in tandem with two ortho molecular biologists, one
who is also a Native American Medicine Man.

It gets to the root cause of Psoriasis and Eczema (and many other auto immune conditions) which is a build up
of toxins within the body.  For people with skin ailments, the way their body deals with  being overloaded with
toxins is to release these toxins to the skin, which is the largest eliminatory organ of the body.  SkinFix (for
children) and SuperShotz! (for adults) get to the root cause of the problem and aids the body in clearing these
toxins both topically (in the case of skin issues) and internally.  

If you have a skin condition, you can just use it topically and get some temporary relief (great natural relief
from pain and perhaps some diminishing of patches - in other words managing the symptoms), but you’ve
been there and done that already with lots of other products.  If you truly want to get rid of it forever you need
to clear the toxins within your body…so yes, you do need to take it internally for it to work.  

For skin issues we recommend putting it on your skin at least twice a day (morning and evening) as well as
taking it internally.  For all conditions the internal suggested serving sizes vary by your age and the severity of
your condition:

Young Children on SkinFix:  mix ½ dropper in 500ml pure bottled water and drink throughout the day.  

Mild Cases - 1 capful in a minimum of 2oz distilled water three times per day
Medium Cases - 1 capful in a minimum of 2oz distilled water three times per day
Severe Cases - 2 capfuls in a minimum of 2oz distilled water three times per day

Absolutely!  Our youngest client was a two week old infant that the Doctor gave cortisone (steroid) shots to.  
The child’s mother stopped this treatment and purchased our product at the Arizona State Fair, drinking it
herself, then nursing the baby and putting it directly on the baby’s skin.  Within 3 days the Mom saw a
difference and within 5 weeks the baby was completely clear!  

The other heartwarming story is that of a woman we met at the New Mexico State Fair.  At the time we met, her
little girl was 14 months old.  The child had been born with eczema so bad that her hands were clawed and
looked like she had been burned.  The Mom had given up all hope.  She bought the product and 5 days later
came back to the booth and gave Joseph a huge hug with tears streaming down her face.  She told us that for
the first time since her child was born her little girl was able to open her hands completely and wiggle her
fingers.  Two months later all signs of the eczema had disappeared and it has not returned.  

For children up to age five or six, apply topically and mix as per the ratio of ½ dropper to 500ml liquid and then
fill their bottle or sippy cup and have them drink the normal amount of liquid they would drink in a day.
recent government survey found 287 industrial chemicals in the umbilical blood of infants, including pesticides,
phthalates, dioxins, flame retardants, Teflon and toxic metals like mercury.

Unfortunately, most of our drinking water is either contaminated or is loaded with chemicals in it to kill the
contaminants.  We are updating our website to include links to resources and articles discussing the status of
the drinking water around the world.  
Stay tuned!  We understand that those of us concerned with the health of
Planet Earth are also concerned about the pollution that results from so many empty bottled water bottles.  It is
interesting that these same arguments aren't made as loudly about the abundance of garbage created by soft
drink cans or plastic containers from so-called juices that contain high fructose corn syrup!    We all need to do
our part and recycle, no matter the source of the waste.  Follow your own consciousness but be informed
about what is actually in the water you are drinking.  There is a problem with many bottled waters because
many companies are more interested in profits than providing pure water and put tap water or highly treated
water in bottles and charge for it.  We’ll be sending out more information about how to select your bottled water
in our e-newsletter URTH.
(subscribe here) One way to benefit both Planet Earth and your body is to invest in
a home water distillation system or reverse osmosis system.  Do you homework to understand exactly what the
system is able to do with the water you have coming out of your taps.  

For those of you with very dry patches of skin, you can combine your relief by using StopItch for relief from
itching and a natural moisturizer. We recommend Olive Oil because it is a preservative -free natural moisturizer
that is also affordable.  Other options are natural almond oil or coconut oil, but these are more expensive.  
There are many other natural lotions on the market….if you are using lotions, read the ingredient label
carefully and if there are any ingredients you don’t understand, look them up on the internet.  Unfortunately,
many of them are petroleum by-products…  So become label smart and look up any ingredients you don’t
 Here's a list of known toxins in personal care products and a link to a great website database.  There
are also smartphone apps that you can now download that allow you to look up ingredients.  We'll have a link
to the apps soon - click the link above.

The good news is you’ll begin to see results in about a week to two weeks and you’ll continue to see results
from week to week.  How long it takes to be completely clear varies from person to person depending on how
severe your condition and how toxic you are.  Everyone is different.  If you’ve been suffering for years it will
take longer than someone who has only had it for a few months.  In 80% of our client cases, once they get the
toxins completely out of their systems they have no reoccurrence as their bodies are now restored to the point
they can process the toxins they encounter.  However, there are some of our clients that are either employed
in an industry where they are exposed daily to toxins (pesticides, cleaning chemicals, paints, medicines, etc) or
live in an area that has a higher percentage of environmental toxins.  We’ve recommended that those clients
keep a bottle on the shelf and every four months (changing of the seasons) take it for a week.  This will assist
their body with staying ahead of the toxic overload.

Yes, the Doctors told Joseph the same thing…but he got rid of his completely.  If you do a bit of research on
“auto-immune” you’ll notice that the medical profession is giving this label to more and more “illnesses” that
they really don’t understand.  In fact, Dr. Douglas Kerr, MD, PhD, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of
Medicine, recently said that “
there is no doubt that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and our increasing
environmental exposure to toxins and chemicals is fueling the risk.  The research is sound.  The conclusions,

Hmmmm, if that’s the case then why would babies be born with it?  It is true that in adults stress can TRIGGER
it, or make it appear worse.  Why?  When our body is stressed, we release cortisol – called the “stress
hormone” into our bloodstream (and organs etc).  The body’s first priority becomes to deal with this influx of
hormones and so it “kicks” the toxins out to the skin to process the hormones.  Higher and more prolonged
levels of cortisol in the bloodstream (like those associated with chronic stress) have been shown to have
negative effects including lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body.  We do recommend that
everyone have a personal stress reducing “prescription” – such as walking, meditating, deep breathing or just
playing with the dog!

Again, certain foods can trigger it, but don’t actually cause it.  Why?  Again, it is how our body functions.  The
digestion of different foods requires different enzymes some of which are contained in our foods, others which
are secreted from different organs in the body.  There are two basic types of enzymes, metabolic (or systemic)
enzymes and digestive enzymes. Metabolic enzymes catalyze or spark the reactions within our cells. The body’
s organs, tissues and cells are enabled by metabolic enzymes and without them our bodies would cease to
function. Digestive enzymes, both found in raw foods and produced by our bodies, break down food particles
so they can be absorbed. The process of breaking down food so its nutrients can be absorbed is
accomplished by an elegant system of nerves, hormones, and enzymes. The nerves and hormones signal the
body as to what enzymes are needed and when they are needed. The enzymes perform the biochemical task
of breaking down the food into much smaller nutrients that our body can utilize. According to Researchers, the
enzymes found in raw foods digest up to 75 percent of the foods themselves without the help of other
enzymes.  When food is cooked, however, or processed with heat or when milk is pasteurized, all enzymes are
destroyed. Even the best sources of enzymes, raw fruits and vegetables, may have reduced enzymatic level
due to long-term storage and pesticides and toxins in the water and soil. Decreased enzyme levels in foods
means that the pancreas needs to provide higher levels of these enzymes causing increased stress. In
addition, the body will use enzymes which could be utilized elsewhere in the immune system for digestion when
needed, thereby decreasing immune function.

Here’s the tricky part…every ”body” is different. We’re still researching why.  In the meantime, we recommend
you keep a food diary and remember that reactions can take up to 2 days to show up on the skin (larger
patches, itching outbreaks).  We do recommend paying attention to your reaction to cooked tomato products
(hot sauce, pasta sauce, pizza sauce…yes we know, the good stuff) as well as bananas because they contain
the hardest to digest sugar.  

Also, it is time to start reading labels and cut down on preservatives.  With children our clients see a difference
when they limit or avoid high fructose corn syrup.  And we recommend everyone read the research available
on the truth behind all those artificial sweeteners (blue, pink and yellow packets and diet sodas) and research
natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Agave.  Joseph used to break out horrifically about 2 days after having
anything with cooked tomato products.  Now we go through a bottle of hot sauce a week and he has no
problems.  Why?  Because he cleared the toxic build up out of his body and his body can now function as it is
meant to!  Do you have to give up your “favorite” foods?  Limiting them during your healing process will speed
up your healing….but if you choose not to just know that after eating your “trigger foods” you will see your
body’s complaint on your skin!  And remember to be label savvy.  
Learn more about toxins in our food.

Legally we are not allowed to tell you to stop using any prescriptions, so we won’t.  You will know if and when it
is time to cut back on prescription creams or medicines as your body begins to heal.  Also, many of the drugs
prescribed for these ailments are “biologics” which CANNOT be stopped cold turkey because of the damaging
effect this will have on your body.  We do encourage you to read the fine print of any potential side effects of
any prescription medications you are using.  
You can look up the side effects on this website.

The good news is that our product is very safe and has no detrimental side effects.  There are a couple of
things you need to know however.  Our products contain natural probiotics (pro life) - naturally-occurring
microorganisms that function internally to promote healthy digestion, boost the immune system, and contribute
to general health and wellbeing.  If you are choosing to take antibiotics for any reason, you may wish to
temporarily stop taking our product as the antibiotic (anti-life) and probotic (pro-life) will cancel each other out.  
Once you finish your course of antibiotics (if you choose to take them) it is a good idea to take probiotics so
that your body can restore the essential bacteria required for a healthy immune system.  Finally, if you are on
medication for diabetes (or hypoglycemia) and you are taking SuperShotz!  it is important that you remember
to measure your blood sugar daily, as SuperShotz! naturally balances the blood sugar in your body while your
medication artificially lowers your blood sugar.  You’ll find you’ll be able to check with your healthcare
practitioner regarding advice on cutting back on your Diabetes medication as your body begins to naturally
regulate your blood sugar (again, we legally we need to say check with your healthcare practitioner regarding
advice on cutting back on your diabetes medication).

Anecdotal evidence only:  SkinFix/SuperShotz! are natural supplements and not drugs.  
Natural remedies are required to carry the following labeling:  
These statements have not been evaluated by
the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Consult with your Health Care Practitioner before starting this or any other program.

For more information on the laws that require this labeling, read Kevin Trudeau’s best-selling book Natural
Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.  
How crazy are the laws?  Walnuts have just been labeled a "drug"
because they have proven health benefits.  
Please see our "IMPORTANT" page where we will post updates on
the crazy regulations and attempts to limit your ability to choose natural health care.  
SkinFix and SuperShotz!
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