We welcome you to the growing community of individuals
who are recognizing that our bodies are powerful healing instruments.  

By honoring those bodies with more natural healing and less chemical compounds
we give our bodies the opportunity to return to their natural state of balance.

We recognize everyone's right to
practice the healing method that is in most alignment with their own beliefs.  
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demonstrating our product and "giving back" through our work withand donations of product to the
Indigenous Nations.  Your patronage allows us to gift hundreds of bottles of our product to First
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Psoriasis & Eczema
We invite you to read Joseph's story of healing the horrible case of psoriasis and eczema that he
suffered from for decades - at one point being called one of the worst cases the Medical Doctors he
went to had ever seen.  And despite their diagnosing that he would have to live with his condition
forever, in frustration and self-preservation he finally  walked away from their cortisone creams and
toxic prescriptions and spent ten years using himself as a guinea pig to determine the root cause of
psoriasis & eczema.  He is now Psoriasis & Eczema Free and has been helping individuals with mild
to extreme cases find the same relief he did.  The process is very safe, in fact our youngest client was
a two week old newborn!
For more on Joseph's story, click here

OTHER APPLICATIONS (links will be available on new website)
Amazing things happen as a result of the body finding its way back to a natural
healing state. This was the feedback we began receiving from clients with severe
Psoriasis & Eczema who also began to see a marked improvement in other
conditions they also suffered from.  This led to further research.  
Click on the links below to learn more about additional applications for SuperShotz!

Clients who had both Diabetes and Psoriasis or Eczema who were using our products for their "skin
condition" also began to notice that their blood sugar readings were lowering.

From being bedridden for two years to playing tackle football with his 10 year old son, Randy from
Yakima, WA is just one client who went from depression, exhaustion and daily pain to celebrating his
life again.  

Chronic Fatigue
Sometimes amazing things happen as a result of the body finding its way back to a natural healing
state.  This was the feedback we began receiving from clients with severe Psoriasis & Eczema who
were cleansing their body and using our products for their condition

Heavy Metal Toxicity
Clients ranging from pesticide sprayers to automechanics to housepainters to jewelers to others who
are exposed daily to toxic metals or chemicals in their work environment have experienced amazing

Focusing on Wellness - Detox & Strengthening
It is our vision that more and more people will begin to move away from "treating ailments" to focusing
on prevention and their wellness.  Many of our clients do just that, using
SuperShotz! for returning to
and maintaining an optimal state of wellness.  Read more about how the ingredients in
can assist you in making your health a top priority in your life.

Help for Pets
We often have people ask us if our products will help their beloved dogs, cats and even horses.  We
love to hear back from people who think outside the box and on these pages you'll read a couple of
testimonials and see some amazing pictures of results achieved in only two weeks!

Here's to Your Health!
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